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The Easiest Methods To Keep Your Vinyl Floors Clean

Contributed by Anna M. Lemay

So, what is the best way to keep your carpets, floors and home clean and tidy? Well, why think so hard? It is as simple as keeping the loose dirt and dust away. Yes, just keep the dirt out and you are sorted. Read along to find quick and easy ways to keep your floors sparkling and your carpets and mats clean and free of allergens:

  1. Use A Doormat

Yes, a doormat can help you keep your vinyl floor and carpeting free from dirt and chemicals. When you bring in dirty shoes, you bring in more grime and grit that act like sandpaper. This makes removing it from your home even more important because these can actually damage the finish from your flooring and also ruin the fibers of your carpets. So, the right way to go about it is to make sure that you use a doormat that can be used to scrape off all the dirt from your shoes and keeps your home dirt free.

  1. Sweep And Vacuum Your Floors

Sweeping and vacuuming your floors is the easiest way to keep them clean. The key is to keep their surface in good shape whether it is wooden, concrete, tiles, marble or vinyl. You should take all the necessary measures to remove all the dirt before it gets ground into the floor and in your carpets via your shoes. So, make it a point to sweep more frequently and if you can also cultivate a habit of quickly running a soft broom over the floor across your kitchen or living area or the section of your home that gets more traffic, even better!

  1. Always Use The Right Cleanser For Your Floor

If you have installed a “no-wax” vinyl floor in your home you are better off washing it with a special cleaner made specifically for such floors. Get a cleaner meant to clean your no-wax vinyl floors and follow the directions on the container till the end. If you have any doubts or fear that you would end up harming your older vinyl flooring in need of waxing, you can clean it with warm water and detergent. Start by grabbing a mop or you can even use a sponge for the purpose. Dampen them with the mixture and gently rub the floor just enough so that the dirt gets loosened up. Do not rub off the wax on the floor unless you want to spend more time reapplying it. Rinse the floor with clean, cool water and remove the entire residue from the floor.

  1. How To Preserve The Sheen Of Your Vinyl Floor?

When you read the label “no wax” it really does mean that you shouldn’t use wax on it. No-wax vinyl comes with a clear polyurethane coating that gives it its unique shine. Waxing on such a surface will just result in residue and will leave behind a messy floor. Stay away from any mop-and-wax products as well. In case you see your no-wax floor losing its shine, you can use polish or sealant to restore its glory. These are especially made for no-wax flooring. Before you apply 2 or 3 layers as directed on the packaging always make sure that the flooring is thoroughly clean. This should keep your floor sparkling and shining for about a year. All you will have to do is regular damp mopping. So, these were just some quick and easy tips to maintain the shine and extend the life of your vinyl floors. Try them and don’t forget to tune in for more.

Anna M. Lemay

An observer by nature and a clean freak by habits, Anna M. Lemay
is a professional writer, editor and co-creator of numerous blogs. Home and carpet cleaning in New York is her forte and she expresses her opinions and writes her experiences for the world to learn from.