Glass Hearths for Stove: Buying Guide

The importance of a proper heating system in homes of people residing in cold areas is undeniable. A house with chilling cold seems unwelcoming and makes the residents as well as guests quite uncomfortable. A cold temperature inside the house can also be severely detrimental to the overall health of your family. Of course, a thermostat is the first choice. But what do you expect to do in a situation when the power goes out?

Now you must be thinking I should install a fireplace. Well, that is not a bad idea but considering that most of the heat goes out the chimney in the form of smoke, a stove is a better and a more efficient option. But when you open the door of the stove to make adjustments, scrapes can fall out that can result in the deposition of unwanted debris on your floor. Therefore, to protect your flooring, consider establishing some protection for the floor in the form of a glass hearth. Let us take a look at some factors that you should consider before investing in glass hearths.

1. The positioning of the hearth

When you are about to install the stove, make sure you measure the dimension of the floor, room as well as a glass hearth for your floor. Depending on the location where you get the stove installed, you can decide upon the position of a hearth. You can also get the shape and size of the hearth customized according to your preferences.

2. Safety

No matter how much of an expert the person who has installed the stove is, accidents can occur. Sparks will fly and if you have a carpet or any other combustible substance surrounding the stove, it can prove to be extremely fatal. Hearths provide a way to avoid such mishaps by protecting the area around the stove. Make sure the hearth you are getting constructed is according to the height and weight of the stove. The hearth should fully be able to support the weight of the stove without being under too much strain. Glass hearths are resistant to fire and provide an enhanced safety.

3. The material of the floor

It is not safe to place the stove on a floor that comprises combustible substances. The hearth should be thick in order to avoid fire hazards. Also, there shouldn’t be any combustible substances present under the hearth.

4. Shape of the hearth

Try to keep the shape of the hearth as simple as possible. Even though you can get it customized according to your choice, it is better to refrain from designs that are way too complicated. Complications in the design will lead to a time consuming and a tedious installation procedure. Square and rectangular hearths are the most common hearth shapes. You can also opt for an octagonal and a hexagonal shape to enhance your home decor.


All in all, it is high time people realize that glass hearths are not merely home decor items. It is a necessity for ensuring the safety of your home and family.