Health Benefits of Having a Clean Carpet

Carpets are the top flooring choice for homeowners who want a contemporary look and feel in their home. Having carpet floors provide a feeling of warmth and coziness that wood and vinyl floors simply can’t provide. The wide array of patterns, textures, and designs can definitely add to your home’s curb appeal and make it much more inviting the moment you step inside. When compared to other flooring choices, carpets offer plenty of comfort since the carpet fibers cushion your every step.

Carpets make for a great home flooring provided that you clean and maintain it regularly. Carpets are notoriously easy to stain and dust and dirt can accumulate pretty quickly in between the fibers. Dirty carpets not only look unsightly, but it can also cause adverse health effects. Your carpet acts like a huge sponge that absorbs spills, stains, allergens, and bacteria. When left untreated, it could cause allergic reactions, breathing problems, and skin rashes.

That’s why regular carpet maintenance is necessary so that it doesn’t turn into a breeding ground full of bacteria and dust mites. Today we’ll be talking about why cleaning your carpet is important and what are the health benefits of having a clean carpet.

How clean carpets can benefit your health

Having clean carpets not only make your home look attractive upon first glance, but it also prevents several health conditions like flu and asthma. When carpets are kept unclean, dust mites can thrive due to the accumulation of bacteria and fungi. This can lead to other issues like skin rashes and respiratory problems. To avoid these problems, it’s best to clean your carpet on a regular basis. Here is how clean carpets can provide positive health effects:

Eliminates trapped pollutants.

Because of the way the fibers are constructed, carpets attract different pollutants like a magnet. Dust, dirt, and dead skin cells can easily get caught between the carpet fibers and accumulate pretty quickly. Notice how stale the air is when a carpet is dirty. This is because airborne contaminants can also seep through the strands which can deteriorate the quality of air inside your home.

Routine vacuuming of your carpets will eliminate most of the trapped pollutants, but if your carpet is very dirty, it requires a bit more thorough cleaning. Bacteria and fungi cannot be removed by just vacuuming the carpet. A specially-formulated shampoo is needed to kill off these microorganisms and freshen up your carpet. High-powered vacuums are also needed to lift up deeply ingrained dirt and dislodge any trapped pollutants in your carpet.

Clean carpets help maintain good air quality inside your home and it reduces your risk of triggering allergies. Ideally, it’s best to have your carpets shampooed at least once or twice a year to fully clean the fibers and restore it back to good condition. Professional carpet cleaners are adept at giving your carpet a deep-clean to sanitize and deodorize it completely.

Prevents dust mite infestations.

Most people aren’t aware of dust mites because they’re microscopic organisms that can’t be seen by the naked eye. If you haven’t cleaned your carpet in a while, there’s a good chance that you have a dust mite infestation. Dirty carpets make for a perfect breeding ground for dust mites where they can multiply very quickly. This can cause sneezing, itching, and nasal congestion.

Contrary to popular belief, dust mites do not bite you. What triggers the allergic reaction is when a person inhales their fecal matter and shed skin. Vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis will help prevent dust mite infestations and avoid having respiratory problems.

Prevents mould growth.

Carpets can be prone to mould growth, especially if you live in an area with high humidity levels. Moisture can penetrate the carpet fibers which can pollute the air inside your home and contribute to a foul smell. Using a dehumidifier helps combat mould growth when moisture levels are high. It’s important to avoid soaking your carpets to help prevent mould and mildew growth. Mould spores can trigger certain allergies and even hay fever in some people.

If you have experienced significant water damage, it’s best to contact the services of a professional carpet cleaner to properly clean and dry your carpets without the risk of damaging it.

Removes pet dander

If you have pets around the house, they can potentially carry pollutants from the outside. These pollutants can accumulate in your carpets along with their fur which can cause allergic reactions like wheezing and watery eyes. Vacuuming your carpets removes pet dander to avoid triggering pet dander allergies.

Prevents harmful infections

Some kids love to play on carpet floors and as a parent, you should provide them with a healthy play area that’s free of bacteria, fungi, and allergens. When kids play around on a dirty carpet, they’re basically exposed to various kinds of dirty particles that could cause harmful infections. Carpets can become a haven of disease and infection-causing microorganisms. It’s best to clean your carpets on a regular basis to keep them safe when playing on carpets.


A clean carpet contributes to a healthier home by getting rid of allergens, improving air quality, and reducing the risk of infections and diseases. Clean your carpet on a regular basis or better yet, have it cleaned by professional carpet cleaners so you can enjoy a home flooring that’s both clean and attractive-looking.