Homemade Floor Cleaning Ideas

Using a commercial home cleaning agent such as detergent or soap is quite an expensive investment to clean your home floors. Moreover, most of them are not worthy enough if compared to their price tag. Their ineffectiveness is even boosted further with the contamination of harmful chemicals. These commercial cleaners contain chemicals which are harmful to your family health and environment too.

Is this information making you doubtful and scared? It should be because it is frightening. Fortunately, you can easily make homemade floor cleaners and apply the different technique to bypass commercial products. So, I hereby will discuss in depth about homemade floor cleaning ideas.

Creative homemade floor cleaning ideas:

When it comes to floor cleaning homemade ideas, your creativity is a must have a thing. In fact, most DIY works need a certain level of creativity. Using a great vacuum cleaner to clean floor is such an idea. Nonetheless, you probably have all the ingredients and tools available in your kitchen and panty necessary for homemade floor washing. Interestingly, these home cleaners are as good as the store brought commercial cleaners to wash your floor.

All-purpose DIY cleaning agent

It is a fantastic homemade agent that is easy to make and works almost on every type of floor and wall, hardwood floors, tiles, vinyl, and laminate flooring. It is mainly made up of vinyl which releases some sorts of acid to clean the floor.


  • Two cups of warm water
  • Half cup of  white vinegar
  • A one-fourth cup of rubbing alcohol.
  • Few drops of dishwashing liquid soap or detergent.
  • Essential oil ( The one you choose)


Pour all the ingredients in a bowl and stir until they mix properly. Then pour the mixed solution in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well and apply the solution on the floor. Wait for a few minutes and mop the floor using a vacuum cleaner.

Be cautious to use this solution against marble and granite floors, as the vinyl might harm the stone. This all-purpose homemade cleaning agent easily clears all the grime and gifts your floor a stunning shiny look.

Baking soda solution

Baking soda is a favorite to all home cleaners for its power to absorb odor and scouring property. On the other hand, vinegar comes with degreasing power which helps to make your house floor all shiny and glossy like the new ones. These features make baking soda and vinegar solution as the celebrity couple against grime and debris.


  • A tablespoon of baking soda
  • Two cups of hot water
  • Two tablespoons of vinegar.
  • Few drops of liquid detergent


At first, put the baking soda and hot water in a bowl. Stir it till the soda gets properly mixed with the water. Then add the liquid detergent and vinegar in the solution. Stir it and apply the solution on your home floor.

Wait for a few minutes to allow the solution to react with grimes and then wash the floor with a mop. Vinegar contains acid so be careful to use them against the stone floor.

Homemade wood floor cleaning idea

Wood floors are prone to easy victims of dust and therefore, easily get dirty. Moreover, wooden floors often contain Wood Filler which needs extra care while cleaning.  In this case, a homemade wood floor cleaning recipe will do wonders. Our DIY cleaning recipe is an extremely expert agent that will not only washes the dirt and grimes from the floor but also will leave an astounding shiny look to your floor with its reactive agents.


  • 1 gallon of mildly warm water
  • Three-fourth cups of olive oil
  • A half cup of lemon juice ( Any sour juice will do in case of the absence of lemon)


Take a bucket. Pour the warm water in it and then put the olive oil in the water. Stir it for a few minutes and add the lemon juice. Use a mop to apply the mixture on your floor. Carefully use it on the wood fillers otherwise it might be damaged.

Wait for 3-5 minutes and let the floor dry with natural air. It is a greatly effective cleaning and polishing agent. The hot water and lemon juice forms together an ionic bond to wipe out all the dirt and grime. And the olive oil comes forward to polish your floor like a mirror.

Borax and water solution

Since its invention in the 1800s, borax has been widely appreciated for its cleaning power. It is easy to apply on the floor which makes it even more popular among home cleaning agents.  With warm water breaking down the molecules of the grime into smaller ones and borax wiping them away, the solution is hardly comparable to any other of its sorts.


  • A handful of borax
  • A bucket is full of warm water.


Mix the solid borax with the warm water. Apply it on the floor using a mop. Some people like to keep it for a few minutes while some wipe it promptly. Nonetheless, if you have a toddler at the home, make sure to clean any traces of the borax solution to protect them.


Homemade floor cleaning ideas are not only effective but also are less expensive compared to the commercial cleaners. Moreover, it ensures the recycling of the wastage at your home which is certainly environment-friendly. Therefore, we wholeheartedly encourage you to use and apply these homemade recipes to clean your home floor. And do let us know if you have any other effective idea. We will surely add it with our latest updates.