How Furniture Storage Can Help When Renovating Old/Damaged Floors

When it comes to home renovations, all tools that will make the process simpler and faster must be considered.

For instance, you should remove all items found inside a room before fixing the old or damaged floors in it. But where should you take them?

This is where furniture storage in Sydney (or wherever you are located) comes into play.

Renting a storage unit is crucial during home renovations because that space protects your items from construction dust. Even when you have a superb contractor and diligent crew working carefully within your property, it is inevitable for the dust and debris stirred up by the workers to get into your furniture, electronics, and fabrics.

3 Ways Furniture Storage Can Ease the Renovation Process

1. It keeps your items out of the way

Getting a furniture storage unit allows you to keep your furnishings and other items outside of your home so they won’t get damaged while the renovation is taking place.

Also, this ensures that the other rooms in your properly won’t be cluttered with the items from the rooms that must be renovated.

Most importantly, this will give you peace of mind that your belongings are in a safe place, allowing you to focus on your family and commitments at work.

2. It helps provide enough space for renovation supplies

Keeping your furniture in a storage unit will free up a lot of space for the needed supplies, tools and equipment that the contractors will be bringing in while your flooring is being renovated. And this means that the workers will be able to perform their tasks properly, ensuring that you’ll get great results on the project.

3. It saves you time, money and effort

If you choose to keep your furniture and other items in a storage unit, you will save yourself a significant amount of time, money and effort because you won’t be constantly monitoring and protecting your possessions from the renovation activities.

You won’t have to buy plastic wraps and tarps to use as covering for your items. And because you only need to periodically check on the progress of the renovation team on your space, you can have more time for other responsibilities.

Furniture Storage Tips

●     Determine how much of you belongings will be stored

It is crucial for you to decide which items will go into the storage unit. List and measure all the items that must be kept safe so you can choose the correct storage unit size. Make sure to document the item’s location or category as well.

●     Pack items properly

Even if you are just storing your items temporarily until the flooring renovation project is finished, it is still imperative for you to pack them properly. Remember that you will still be moving these items. Proper wrapping will help prevent damage when handling and moving the goods.

  • For kitchen items like glassware, you have to use bubble wrap for extra protection. Also, use extra padding to ensure that shifting within the box will be minimal. For kitchen appliances, make sure that they are cleaned properly before putting them in storage. Furthermore, ensure that all cords are coiled, tied and labeled properly for safety and easy identification.
  • For electronics like televisions and computers, place a piece of cardboard over the screen before wrapping them in bubble wrap. The same can be done for mirrors and wall hangings – the use of cardboards is crucial for extra protection. Furthermore, you should store them upright.
  • For huge pieces of furniture like sofas and beds, these should be stacked and stored with care to prevent collapsing. Like appliances, make sure to clean the leather sofa and other furnishings first before storing them. Also, disassemble the legs, headboards, and drawers whenever possible. For mattresses, make sure to cover them entirely. Bed linens, rugs, clothes, and curtains must be stored in durable plastic containers. Don’t forget to label everything!

The Best Move When Your Things Need to Be Moved

A home renovation project is a daunting process, even if this only entails changing your home’s flooring. You need to remove all items in the room to give way for the required renovation supplies and provide enough workspace for the renovation professionals.

Though moving these items to the other rooms in your home is one option, this is not recommended because you could end up damaging your items and cluttering the rest of your house. Instead, you should rent a storage unit.

Storage facility personnel can handle everything on your behalf, from packing to transport. Also, they will provide you with a full inventory of your goods. Most importantly, storage facilities are guaranteed to be pest-free and kept secure with an alarm system and regular night patrols for your peace of mind. So get in touch with trusted facilities in your location now.


Kim Hill works on Marketing at Adams & Rofe Removals and Storage and has been a dynamic figure in the removal industry for over 30 years. For relocating families, individuals or offices around Sydney or all over Australia, Kim will develop the perfect removal plan to take the stress out of your next move.