How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Carpet: 3 Tips From the Experts

Waking up to a carpet with a soft and velvety texture on your feet is a great feeling anyone would want to experience every single morning. Considering that the bedroom is a sanctuary for many people, it isn’t surprising that carpets are all the rage in bedroom design.

Aside from the luxury and comfort it brings, a carpet also offers warmth and sound-proofing – two things that are also necessary for optimal rest. This is why only a handful of things can be deemed better at bringing relaxation than a plush, soft carpet.

Unlike busier parts of the house, bedrooms are quiet and get less foot traffic. This is why it is the ideal place to opt for wall-to-wall carpeting. Take advantage of this chance and indulge in an oversized rug to add not only texture and color but also comfort and luxury to your bedroom.

Not sure how to pick the perfect carpet? Here are three basic tips from the experts that you must heed:

1.  Consider the Color

Since they can match virtually any style of interior wall color or decor, neutral-hued carpets are the safest color choice when it comes to carpets. However, it is still better to avoid carpets that have lighter shades such as beige and white. This is because these colors cannot hide dirt as well as darker-hued carpeting could.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot opt for bolder colors in your carpet. In fact, those with more vibrant tastes can pick rich shades of green, blue, or red for added dimension and visual interest in a room with walls painted with lighter tones.

2.  Think About the Fabric

When you decide to have a carpet in your bedroom, a significant factor you must consider is the type of fabric it is made from. In this aspect, you can choose from different types of materials, such as nylon, wool, and more.

In fact, a new breed of water-resistant carpets has emerged to help deal with the demands of the living room and kitchen. Still, what the bedroom requires in a carpet remains the same: soft and plush comfort.

That said, here are the two categories of fibers you’ll come across when shopping for the right carpet:

Synthetic Fibers

Carpets made from synthetic fibers are typically affordable and are a great choice for bigger bedrooms.

In the case of budget-friendly options, polyester is your best bet. Aside from being the cheapest, polyesters are also non-allergenic and can be used by people with asthma and allergies. However, one drawback to this material is the pilling or shedding.

Nylon, on the other hand, maybe a bit more costly because of its soft and plush feel.

Natural Fibers

When it comes to natural fiber carpets, wool is the prime choice because of its luxurious, soft texture. This is what makes such carpeting a bit on the expensive side.

Even so, wool carpets offer a wide variety of advantages, including being:

  • Renewable and eco-friendly

Since wool comes from sheep which eat grass as they please, wool continues to grow even if it gets shorn off the sheep every nine to 12 months.

Also, wool is a biodegradable material and even produces nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus – all of which are necessary for plants to become lush and healthy. These make wool the eco-friendliest carpeting choice.

  • Energy efficient

Wool is also considered an energy-efficient material since it can be “made” with less energy used compared to synthetic fibers. After all, wool is produced by just allowing sustaining sheep with grass, sun, and water.

But that is not the only way wool can be energy-efficient. Wool carpets can also help lessen the need for cooling and heating. This is because it can sustain temperatures by preventing hot air from rising or cool air from escaping to the floors.

  • Soil- and stain-resistant

While the bedroom doesn’t get too much foot traffic, having a stain- and soil-resistant material for a carpet is still ideal. After all, you can never know when you’d accidentally bring your muddy boots into your bedroom.

With a wool carpet, chemical treatments are not necessary to make it stain-resistant since it already is. The fiber has overlapping microscopic scales to prevent dirt from adhering. Much like roof shingles, this unique characteristic of wool makes it hard-wearing and more durable than other types of fibers.

3.  “Feel” It

Another way you can pick the best carpet for your bedroom is to “feel” it – literally. Since the goal is to make the floor plush and comfortable, you should make sure that you choose a carpet based on how it feels to the touch. It is for the bedroom, after all.

To know if a prospect is a good choice, you can check its texture and pile. These two factors not only affect how it feels but also the aesthetics of a carpet, which determines whether it can complement your bedroom interior.

If you’re after the most luxurious feel and appearance with a Saxony pile carpet, which sports a plush and fluffy texture that is totally irresistible for the bedroom. On the other hand, a carpet with velvet pile also offers elegance in a room, thanks to its short-but-dense fibers.

Choosing a carpet for your bedroom is no simple task. Aside from making sure that it complements the interior design, you must also make sure that it helps achieve the ultimate goal of being in the room: to rest. This is also why comfort is a major contributing factor when picking the perfect carpet for your room.


James Prathap is one of the Directors of NGC Nafees, top importers and exporters of wallpapers, floorings and fabrics in India. The business also offers high-quality panoramics, coordinated fabrics, and creative stickers for residential and commercial projects.