An Insight into Granite Slabs For Sale

Granite is a natural material quarried from the earth. It is one of the toughest materials found. For thousands of years, the demand for granite was high for both exterior and interior purpose. These days, granite slab for sale is available in different sizes. Large granite blocks are cut into sheets of the size of ¾’ or ¼’ to produce granite slabs for sale. These slabs are cut from the sheets, and then polished for use. The polished granite slabs are used for counter tops, floors stairs, and many other design elements. The granite slabs are waterproof and stain resistant. 

The natural look of the real granite is incomparable and sold for its smoothness and beauty.

History of the use of granite

The great pyramids of Giza, The Red Pyramid of Egypt Menkaure’s Pyramid were constructed with limestone and granite stones. Granite was used in walls, columns, door lintels sills and jambs. In India, Raja raja the Chola king belonging to the Chola Dynasty built a temple using granite stone in the 11th century. This temple is situated in the city of Tanjore and in the upper section of Shrine, one can see granite which is massive in weight.

 Various uses of granite slabs

  • Temples, monuments gravestones were made of granite stone so that these could be preserved and used for many generations. The pyramids, cathedrals and many bridges of Rome used granite to provide strength to the pillars.
  • The marble and granite stone slabs are used side by side for the flooring purpose as they both have veins. The veins on the marble are more striking whereas veins on the granite stone are  subtle still they complement each other when used together.
  • Granite is used for pavements, patios and paths as they are weather resistant. Granite slabs for sale come in many colours ranging from different reds and greens and also greys and black shades.
  • The use of natural granite is also found in the public utility buildings such as town halls, parliaments, assembly halls and many religious buildings. These rough looking granite colors are great for staircases and metals. The granite stone does not wear out and does not catch fire.

Comparison with other slabs

The granite slabs for sale are not sleek like stainless steel and do not possess any gleam of the ceramic tile. You are naturally not looking for a glass effect also as you are looking for a stone look which the granite would provide. Quartz also can provide the stone look and

is more consistent, durable and pretty less prone to cracking material than granite, but nothing can match the patterns and dramatic veins provided by the granite slabs for sale.

The granite slabs are heavy and it is not advisable to try to do it yourself as a homemaker. The price of the breakage is high. So it is always best to get the installation done by the professional installers. The qualified Installation professional can help you in keeping the cost down by lessening the edge treatment. The cost is driven up by the complicated edge treatment.

A rare kind of bluish granite has been recently found in the Himalayas and very much ideal for jewellery purpose. It is known as K2 Azurite Granite. The granite slabs for sale are robust, durable and versatile. It is the first choice of a homemaker because it is easy to clean and decorative in appearance.

If you wish to have granite and find the slabs expansive, you can buy the granite tiles or modular, and install them to save on the total cost. Here the seams would be visible and would not be as smart looking as the granite slabs for sale.