Polished Concrete – Uses and Benefits

Polished concrete entails a multi-step mechanical process. It involves grinding and polishing using chemicals that give the flooring texture. The outcome of the process is a glass-like finish. It brings out the color and outlines of the stone.

Versatility is one of the advantages of polished concrete. It can be used for a variety of applications. Moreover, it is a highly customizable floor that gives a stunning look to the surface. It can give your floor unique elements. It uses aggregates, quartz, and other similar materials. Since these come in various shapes, colors, and textures, it can give your floor sophistication and style. For this reason, many upscale residential and commercial projects use polished concrete.

Uses of Polished concrete

It is mainly used for flooring. But recently, its use has been extended to other types of surfaces.

Interior Flooring

Great for indoor use because you can customize a design that suits your theme. There is a wide variety of materials to choose from.

Many architects also choose a polished concrete floor for indoor use because it is a sustainable design. It makes use of materials that are already available, such as a concrete foundation slab. When the builder polishes the exposed concrete, it lessens material use and energy required.

The material blends well with modern architectural and aesthetic designs. The reason for this is the minimalist industrial feel.  Hence, many use this type of flooring for indoor use.

Outdoor Use – Patio, Driveway, Porch

Looks good for patio, driveway, or porch. The design elements invoke a ‘character’ to the place.  A well-sealed polished concrete flooring can be waterproof. Hence, it can also be good for outdoor purposes.

Feature Walls

Nowadays used as feature walls. You can be creative with the design. It can transform a place! Many commercial properties use a polished concrete wall to give a different vibe to the place and improve aesthetics.

Exterior Panels

This is because it is durable and can endure weather conditions. It is easy to install. Moreover, you can also be creative with your exterior by using polished concrete. The design can be stylish and attuned to the overall theme of the house or commercial property.

Benefits of Polished Concrete


It can last for many many years. It is a highly durable flooring with its superior performance.

Gives a High Gloss Finish

This high-gloss finish makes the flooring look posh. Polished flooring is smooth and yields a high-luster look.

Low Maintenance

Many types of flooring require scrubbing and a lot of effort to clean. One big advantage is the low maintenance.  You don’t need to wax or coat it. It is very easy and convenient to clean and wash.

You can simply sweep off. Regularly mop it to remove smudging, scuffs, and watermarks. This can also restore gloss and keep the floor shiny.

Removes Dust

For unpolished floors, dust easily accumulates. The reason for this is because the dust particles are pushed up through hydrostatic pressure. This results in efflorescence which paves the way for dusting. In polished flooring, the dusting is reduced.


The process of polishing involves sealing the surface. Because of the effect of a tightened floor, it becomes dense enough. It is then able to repel water, oil, and certain contaminants.

Better Reflection and Lighting

Polished flooring has mirror-like reflective properties. Because of this, polished concrete flooring helps and maximizes lighting. Better lighting can reduce electricity bills.


Even if it is shiny, it is not so slippery. The benefits of mechanically grinding the floor increases friction versus ordinary concrete.

You can also use a non-slip epoxy coating. This adds texture to help prevent falls that may bring about injuries.

Reduced Costs Overtime

Polished flooring will take years to be destroyed. Hence, while it may seem to be more expensive at the onset, it saves you a lot over time. The reason for this is because it is low maintenance. Also, because it is durable, you don’t have to replace the flooring often.

Moreover, the ability to reflect lighting saves on electricity costs.

Better Sanitation

If the polished concrete is well sealed, it can be resistant to fluid. This makes it more waterproof. The coating seals the concrete and prevents contaminants from going inside. Some coatings are already anti-microbial. Good flooring does not have cracks where dirt and bacteria may enter.


No harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). This makes this kind of flooring more environment friendly. It is a great move toward sustainability.

Resistant to Chemicals

This kind of flooring can be sealed with a chemical-resistant epoxy coating. This is a good protection against chemicals and corrosion.

Resistant to Thermal Shocks

You can also use a thermal shock-resistant coating. When applied, it can help avoid delamination, cracks and bubbles. It will ensure that the floor does not easily deteriorate in case hot water is poured over. If these uses and benefits inspire you to try polished concrete for your floors or walls, reach out to us. We are Fluid Concrete and we provide honed concrete Perth services. We can help you transform any project with beautifully designed polished concrete.