Shedding a light on the 5 Best Decorative Floor Lamps for 2020

(Don’t blame us if you fall in love with more than one!)

When you have gorgeous flooring, it’s normal to want to show it off. What better way to do that then with a show-stopping floor lamp. Floor lamps add ambiance to a space, while offering light for any task.

When a room has proper lighting, you can transform the way it looks and feels. Much more than just an elegant accessory, a decorative floor lamp can offer visual interest, impacting a room’s design in the same way as a piece of furniture or bold wall colour. Lighting changes a room’s mood, too. It creates ambiance. A cool light can make a room feel lively, whereas subtle or warm lighting can be romantic, comfortable and relaxing.

Using floor lamps in décor can also alter a room’s perceived size, making a small room appear larger or a large room appear cozy. A stylish floor lamp can be used to emphasize the fabric, texture or patterns within a space. It can illuminate the focal point of a room and draw attention to a particular area, or it can cozy up a corner and minimize any of the room’s flaws. There are so many designer floor lamps on the market, that it can be overwhelming when you go lamp shopping. Here are a few decorative floor lamps that you can add to your décor to brighten the space or cozy it up, whatever you’re looking to do. There’s a Floor Lamp for every decor style and for every lighting need. Check out some of our favorite floor lamps for 2020 right here:

  1. A beam of light that celebrates minimalism and clean lines

Ideal beside the bed or to cast a subtle glow in the corner of a living room, this minimalist floor lamp can cast a warm, white or dimming light, depending on the mood you wish to create. Tuck it in a corner for a soothing glow or use it to brighten up the family room on game night.

  1. A glamorous floor lamp with elegant black, gold and marble accents

    Nothing is quite as elegant as a gold lamp with a chic black shade. Unless of course that shade is lined in gold, and the lamp has an exquisite marble base!  This stylish floor lamp also has a matching table lamp.  What a chic pair to add elegance to a master suite, living room or dining area. You can place the floor lamp in one corner and the table lamp on the other to light up a dining console. No matter how you pair them, these decorative lamps are sure to UP the wow factor.
  2. A trendy combination of brass and glass

     When choosing a decorative floor lamp, why not opt for something unique. A floor lamp with a brass finish is guaranteed to captivate. Add a glass sphere and you’ve got a standout look that is going to turn heads. Brass has always been an elegant metal. Decorate with this of-the-moment metal in a bedroom, livingroom, entryway or office.
  3. Mixed metals to brighten an office or reading nook

    There’s nothing like a stylish floor lamp for the office or to place beside your favorite reading chair. Mixing woods and metal, a slender decorative floor lamp that fits into any setting is a chic and popular choice. With a sturdy marble base, pedal switch and a shade that can direct light up or down, this gorgeous light source has all the amazing features of top-of-the line designer floor lamps without the outrageous price tag.
  4. A statement-making mid-century modern masterpiece

    You’re an original. If you want to make a statement in your room, choose a floor lamp that speaks to your creative side. A 3-light tripod industrial floor lamp is ideal for a loft but equally at home behind a condo sofa. Brighten your room with a lamp that’s as fabulous as it is functional. Just as a colorful canvas can captivate, an eye catching decorative floor lamp can be the focal point in any room.

There are so many options to consider when choosing an appropriate floor lamp.
Shop around for the floor lamps that best suit your style. Check out wall lamps and ceiling lamps too. A warm and welcoming home starts with the proper lighting. Decorative floor lamps are an essential accessory.