Remove Pet Hair

Simple and Effective Ways to Remove Pet Hair

Some people can’t imagine their life without pets. However, living with pets under one roof is not only about sharing pleasant moments. One of the minor problems all pet owners inevitably face is a seasonal shedding.

During this period of time, most people will agree that there is the thinnest line between love and hate. Find out how to get rid of unwanted pet wool quickly and effectively taking minimum efforts.

How to Clean the Carpet from Your Pet’s Fur?

The first significant epicenter of scattered hair is a rug in your apartment. A carpet is by right considered one the main decorations of a living room.

It is not surprising that many housewives spend a huge amount of time as well as a solid amount of money for its acquisition. And with what horror they look at their floor when it began to take a shade of the previously beloved dog.

Fortunately, this is not the biggest household problem as it can be easily solved with super low cost cleaners.  If the pet hair is long, you can collect it with a simple vacuum cleaner. It is a little more difficult to deal with thin short hairs in the fibers, which are more strongly intertwined in the mat. Coping with this problem one will spend more time for the removal but finally, your rug will have an original, beautiful look even without the use of various sprays.

Useful Tips How to Get Rid of Hair at Home:

  • First, clean your upholstery with a simple damp broom. This procedure is easy but it can help remove only a part of accumulated wool. Don’t be upset as the rest will go up. Hair can easily be collected with a cleaner or a special spray. It is easy to get the most powerful device after reading the best vacuum cleaner reviews.
  • Clean a carpet with a simple damp softener cloth using gloves. Start washing with one edge, gradually walk around a mat with a damp cloth or a brush. When a cloth will be full, rinse it in the clean water. Try to change the water more often in order not to carry the wool around, from rug into the water and vice versa. Of course, this method of hair removal is a painstaking but you can completely get rid of fur even if the rug is very dirty.
  • Use the fastest way to pick the pet hair. To do this, mix 200 ml of conditioner and 1 glass of water. Using gloves and a liquid, evenly distribute the resulting solution over a mat. This method will perform the function of a softener of the animal’s undercoat. After this, it is recommended to use a dryer.
  • Separate hair from a carpet with the help of a simple baking soda. Evenly distribute it on an entire surface, then carefully clean it using a glove.
  • Remove hair with the help of a special furminator, which is designed to comb cats or dogs. Such a rubber can be bought at any pet store. Due to the fact that it has one rubberized side, hairs cling well.

Now you know how to deal with a problem of hair cleaning, but a carpet is not the only place where an animal can leave fragments of its coat.

How to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes and Furniture?

It doesn’t matter how much you love puppies or kittens, once, when being late for an important meeting, you will be furious if notice the lint on a suit fabric, stained with a pet’s hair. At this moment, it is natural to have an irresistible desire to punish a furry “balloon” for the left wool. For sure, many animal lovers faced similar situations.

But there is no sense in blaming a dog that nature endowed it with woolen clothes, which becomes thinner from time to time, and sticks to everything around. When you brought a tiny alive balloon of wool into the house, which soon grew up and took the owner’s place in the apartment, you already knew that its hair would be everywhere.

Therefore, each owner of a cat should know the secret how to remove the pet wool from clothes and furniture:

  • Get rid of fur with a proven and quick method: use a wet hand to collect hairs from the sweater. If you don’t have a special roller, you should use a dryer. Remove it from bedding sheets, fabric, and your couch the same way. Unfortunately, this method does not differ by its absolute thoroughness for a bedding set. However, if you spend a little more time, it is possible to clean everything perfectly, including sheets.
  • Wool is well cleaned with a sticky roller: wrap a hand with an adhesive tape. Remember that the sticky side should be outward and clean a dirty surface from the faded wool.
  • Also, it is possible to use an original method: take a two-liter bottle, wind a double-sided adhesive, and roll around the place where hair is. A tape, as it is contaminated, will have to be changed periodically.

It is much more convenient to get a cleaner with a special nozzle and give preference to a technical removal process. Specially designed turbo brush cannot only remove hair from all necessary things but also from hard-to-reach corners of an apartment. If there is no a vacuum cleaner, or if you need to repair it at the moment, it is possible to use a wet brush instead.

This process will take more efforts and time in comparison with a cleaner, but the result is worth trying. In order to make your next cleaning of the couch or a chair easier, you should buy a special protective softener for an upholstery, which is able to prevent hair sticking.

Pet Hair isn’t a Problem Anymore!

To clean smooth surfaces, such as tiles, laminate or wood, you do not need to use a Dyson vacuum cleaner, because all the fur will rise into the air, and then settles on the floor again. It is better to wipe a floor with a mop and then use a microfiber. It will help to remove the remnants of the hair.

Cleaners with special nozzles can cope with hair on carpets and a couch well. Dyson vacuum cleaner will be able to give a brilliant result. One of the latest innovations is a turbo brush, which cleans a mat even from the smallest hairs. Vacuuming a surface of a carpet, you’ll always need to collect hair pieces with a damp rag.

Remember that having a pet you should understand that there will be a constant need to use different methods to clean everything around from dog’s or cat’s hair but if you follow tips mentioned above a cleaning process will be quick and rather effective.

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