Top 7 Carpet Cleaning Tips for DIYers

A lot of homeowners have moved away from carpet in their property for the simple fact that they do not want to perform the maintenance necessary to have the material installed. That’s really unfortunate because there’s no flooring material that can match the softness, natural warmth, comfort, and sound-proofing qualities that carpet can offer. Perhaps […]

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Remove Pet Hair

Simple and Effective Ways to Remove Pet Hair

Some people can’t imagine their life without pets. However, living with pets under one roof is not only about sharing pleasant moments. One of the minor problems all pet owners inevitably face is a seasonal shedding. During this period of time, most people will agree that there is the thinnest line between love and hate. […]

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6 Carpet Cleaning Hacks That Can Save Your Carpet

Carpets provide a comfortable and attractive finish to your home’s interior décor. They need regular maintenance to remain looking their best, however, which can cost time and money. In this article, we’ve listed six easy carpet cleaning hacks that save you money. Freshen Your Carpet with Baking Soda Is there a patch of carpet that […]

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