Top Vacuums Specifically Suited For Hardwood Floors

The hardest part of deciding a vacuum for hardwood floors is that you want it to suck in all the dirt lying around, at the same time you don’t want any damage to occur on your beautiful flooring. Selecting a good vacuum cleaner is a tough enough decision. On the top of it if your place has hardwood flooring the decision to choose the best vacuum for hardwood floors becomes even more crucial. In order to sort out your crisis here, we are with a guide that will help you the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

Types of Vacuum For Hardwood Floors:

Before straightaway purchasing a bare floor vacuum, you should always take into account the types of vacuums available in the market and whether it fulfills your requirements.

1. Robot Vacuum

A Robot Vacuum is the most recent innovation as far as a modern bare floor vacuum is considered. Even though they require more maintenance, they are there to do all your work while you sit back and relax.

2. Cordless Vacuum

When it comes to a lightweight bare floor vacuum, cordless vacuums are one of the best choices out there. You don’t have to worry about plugging it in and you can easily move it around the house without any hassles.

3. Handheld Vacuum

Even though a handheld vacuum is not suitable for cleaning the entire house due to its low suction power, you can easily use this bare floor vacuum for cleaning smaller messes in limited areas.

4. Stick Vacuum

Just like handheld vacuums, stick vacuums are also not meant for heavy cleaning. They come with a cord but you can also opt for a cordless one.

5. Canister Vacuum

It has a mobile engine on which the suction head is connected. This kind of a bare floor vacuum has high suction power.  Canister vacuums are easy to move around the house as they comprise of two separate pieces.

6. Upright Vacuum

They have the bulkiest built and probably the highest level of suction. Although they are not suitable for hardwood floors as the brushes attached to it can cause scratches.

Considerations When Buying a Bare Floor Vacuum for Hardwood

Now, since you know what options are available out there it is time to dig a little deeper and take a look at some factors you must consider before making the final purchase.

1. Type of Wood

Carefully examine they type of wooden floor you have. If it has grooves, purchase a bare floor vacuum with a higher suction power that can clean the dirt from in between. Choose a vacuum with sufficient padding to avoid scratches.

2. Do You Have a Carpet?

If a part of your floor is carpeted, you need to look for a vacuum that is suitable for both hardwood and carpeted surface. A two in one type of an appliance is the best option in this case.

3. Type of Mess

Choose a bare floor vacuum on the basis of what purpose you will use it for. There are different vacuum available for cleaning dirt, dust, pet hair, etc. So, take into account the type of mess you have to clean and for that, you can refer bestvacuumexpert.