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Allure Flooring Installation – Guide to Avoid Mistakes

Installing allure flooring is a very simple home project as it does not require adhesives, nails and other complicated materials. The truth is this type of flooring is installed without the need to actually attach it to the subfloor. So, how do you go about the installation process and how can you avoid the common problems and mistakes when it comes to installation?

Seven Step Guide to Allure Flooring Installation

Installing this type of flooring may be complex if you are not used to it, but these steps will show you how easy it is to lay it on your floor.

  • Measure – The first step is to measure the area where you will lay the flooring. Multiply the length by the width and make an allowance of 10% to compensate for damaged and lost materials. Make sure to sit the flooring for about 48 hours to acclimate it to the area.
  • Clean – Clean the subfloor and floor thoroughly prior to installation. Ensure that all debris and dirt are not present.
  • Lay – Start laying the vinyl flooring along the most visible area in the room. You must leave at least 1/8” gap for expansion. Connect each plank with the Grip Strips
  • Hold – Hold the next row of this type of flooring at an angle of 45 degrees, align the strips and press them all together.
  • Cut – Cut the vinyl material with the aid of ruler and a sharp knife
  • Stagger – It is important to stagger all the joints to make your flooring attractive and stable
  • Finish – Continue with the installation up to the final row and add trim as well as floor molding.

Installation Tips and Tricks

By following this guide, you can enjoy your flooring in no time so make sure you adhere with the instructions to avoid the mess.

No to Problems and Errors

Basically, all the errors that you may commit when installing this kind of flooring are avoidable. All you need to do is to spend more time reading the manual and you can get hold of all the necessary information for proper installation.

So that you can have an idea of the possible mistakes that you may have, take a look at the following:

  • Not letting the flooring to acclimate before the installation
  • Exposing the plank glue to dirt and dust
  • Not performing the right subfloor preparation
  • Not utilizing mold-inhibitor to areas that are prone to moisture
  • Not rolling the surface right after installation
  • Not having spare materials to cover up for the errors
  • Not guarding the floor from certain damages

Most of these issues are the result of not paying attention to the allure flooring manual. Just like with the odor which is common to all vinyl products. The odor can be resolved by allowing it to our out for one to two weeks. By knowing all these things, the entire installation process can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for you.

Allure Flooring Tips
Allure Flooring Tips