Bring Pink to your Home in Style

If your favourite colour is pink, you would surely want to bring it into the theme of your home. However, you need to do it in the right manner otherwise you might spoil the look of your entire house. There must not be too much ink in the room otherwise it will start looking like a kid’s room. The less pink element in the room will not give it the right feels. There are many Home staging UK companies and agencies that will help you do this. If you want to do it on your own, here are some ways for you:-


  • One large pink decorative item

To add pink to your room, you can bring in a big decorative item that is of your favourite pink shade. Make sure that this product is eye-catching and will attract the attention of your guests. In this way, you can bring in pink without altering much of your room settings.

  • Use pink accessories in your room

If you do not want to change your room completely, you can bring pink to your home by choosing some pink accessories. Choose pink curtains or cushions that can fit well with the furniture in your room to give it a pink colour. Pink lampshades and wall frames can also do the same thing.

  • Different shades of pink

Do not stick to a single shade of pink. If you are taking the help of home staging UK companies, ask them to mix in different shades of pink. This will make sure that the room does not become monotonous when it comes to colours. You can choose to keep everything in pink in your room as well. In this way, you will not have to think much about the colour schemes because it will be all in pink. Make sure that the walls of your room will not look bad if you are going to keep the pink theme in it.

  • Shocking contrasts

You can keep pink in your room with extreme contrast combinations. Dark walls with pink furniture can give your room a classic finish. You can even keep the walls pink and choose contrasting furniture so that your room still retains the traditional touch. Choose the contrast in your room wisely otherwise it can make your room look weird.

  • Tropical pink

If you prefer modern theme in you room, you can even go for tropical style of decoration. The tropical prints on your walls or curtains can be in the shades of pink. This gives your home a contemporary feel and the guests know that you are willing to try something new in your home.

  • Keeping the entrance and hallway in pink

If you feel that your rooms look perfect but you still want to bring in your favourite colour pink, you can do that by keeping pink in your hallway. You can do it with the help of pink carpets or even a pink door.

  • Use mix and match rugs & carpets

Wondering how pink rugs can add to the charm of your stylishly done living room? Well, mix and match is the universal solution to interior solutions. Team up a vibrant chequered ping rung with bright cushion colors so they complement each other. Square rugs are very much in vogue and they are suitable for compact homes. In fact, if you have a sprawling terrace, an end-to-end floor carpet with shades of pink and teamed with blue artefacts can give a jazzy look.

Bring pink in your home will not be difficult if you keep these ways in mind. Choose the right shade and style of pink and do not mix multiple themes together.

Author’s Bio – I am Lynelle Thompson and like to write on home interior design service and Home Decor related topics. I am associated with InStyle Direct – a leading home staging services and furniture packages company in London