Choosing Between A Rug And A Carpet

A lot of people see floor coverings as being essential. They provide an aesthetic appeal to any room, and they can also help to make the room more accommodating.

When you choose to get a floor covering, you’re looking at either getting a rug or a carpet. So, it’s time to look at how each one fares, depending on your situation.

Can you keep your carpet clean? Will you be able to maintain the rug over time? What color would you want? Questions like these are all essential, but only after you’ve chosen the right type of covering for you.

So, let’s help make this decision easier.

Rugs vs. Carpets

Given that they both act as floor coverings, it’s pretty easy to mistake rugs for carpets and go the other way around – a lot of people do. However, rugs and carpets are quite different.

Rugs originated in Scandinavia in the 15th century, and the term was used to describe carpet materials that were much smaller (usually six and a half feet and below). The most prominent feature of rugs is that they have round edges. So, they can be moved around the floor easily.

Carpets, however, are of Latin origin and started being used in English in the 13th century. They were known as “coarse cloths,” although they soon shifted in the 15th century to mean what we know them to be today – clothes that cover the floor.

Carpets are usually bound in one place and are stretched from wall to wall.

So, how do you make a choice? Let’s take a look at each option, what it has for it, and what could make it an unideal choice.


Their Pros

a. Easy Maintenance

One of the most significant benefits of rugs is that maintenance is pretty easy. While stains like wine and others might be a tad challenging to get out, you’ll find that cleaning these things from carpets is even more of a challenge.

A lot of rug materials are also machine washable, so you can just throw them into the laundry for quick cleaning. This is great – both for when you have some rough stains to get out and when you don’t feel like doing too much work. God knows those days come pretty frequently. 

b. Variety

You’ll also find that rugs come in different patterns and colors, as well as even applications. With rugs, you can pick your preferred style, design, color, and also choose where you would like to have it placed in the room.

c. Transportation

Rugs are also easy to move from place to place. If you’re changing your apartment, just fold the rug neatly and place it in a pile of stuff you need to move with you – that simple.

Their Cons

a. No Stability

One major disadvantage of rugs is that they make you more prone to slips and falls. If you have an older person living with you, this is something you should consider. Of course, you could get a rug pad or anchor it under a table to solve that issue.

b. Sensitivity

For people who have very sensitive feet, moving from a warm rug to a cold, hard floor can be a hassle. It’s not much of an issue with the rugs themselves, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.


Moving on, let’s look at carpets and what they offer.

Their Pros

The most significant distinguishing factor of a carpet is that it’s anchored to the floor. This factor also serves as its most prominent benefit. If you don’t want to worry about slipping or tripping, then this is the ideal floor covering for you.

a. Uniformity

Carpets also create excellent uniformity around a room. If your home had smaller rooms, this is even better.

b. They’re Great for People with Sensitive feet

With wall-to-wall carpets, you can rest assured that your feet are completely covered. For people who have sensitive feet, this is great, as you never have to worry about making the transition from a warm surface to a cold one.

Their Cons

a. The Off-Gassing Problem

Off-gassing is a process where the chemicals in a product are released into the air. It’s a common trait of materials like carpets, and while it’s not so much of a problem, people who hate the smell of chemicals will have to deal with a carpet’s off-gassing for months.

b. Cleaning

Carpets are also more challenging to clean than rugs. You could get a carpet-cleaning solution, but most of them just get stains out of the surface and leave all the dust and grime that have built up untouched.

c. They’re Not for Everyone

Carpets are also not great for people who live in humid areas. Moisture will usually get trapped in the carpet’s fibers, thus turning to mold in the long run and releasing dangerous toxins into the air.