How to Clean the Garage Floor with a Pressure Washer

Pressure washer, a very fine invention, cleans all your dirt using the water force. It doesn’t let your hand get dirty. For cleaning the concrete floors such as garage, patio, driveway, house outings, etc. this machine is ideal. In this article, we’ll try to provide you a complete idea about cleaning your garage. This is one of the places in a house that gets dirty the most. Starting from mud to all sorts of oil and grease stains you will find here. So, it’s a kind of challenge to clean all the dirt and filth and make your garage clean. The best pressure washer in the market will be very helpful in this matter. There are few steps or procedures that you need to follow for an effective clean.

Clear the Settings: You must be having different furniture, vehicle parts, oil or grease tanks, or other important stuff in your garage. For cleaning the entire place you should at first remove them. Take them out of the garage or you can keep them in one corner if you don’t have space outside. Keep track of all the furniture as you need to put them back to their places after cleaning the area.

Sweep the Area: Take a broom in your hand and sweep the entire place before you actually start the cleaning process. You might think that it’s not necessary since you will use the pressure washer. But, you must remember that your this sweeping will reduce a lot of your extra work. It will clean all your small dirt, dust and other stuff and prepare the place to wash nicely.

Spray Water: You need to get the entire area drenched by water. Switch on your pressure washing machine and connect it with the water supply. For just spraying water use 40-degree or 65-degree nozzle since they cover a wide area at a time which will make your work easy. All the cleaning corners should be wet so that you can easily put your detergent.

Apply Detergent: This needs your careful attention as you don’t need to apply detergent equally. Apply more where there is oil, grease or tough stain present and put less detergent on the other areas. After covering the entire space let it soak for around 15 minutes. Don’t let it try out; depending on the weather you need to adjust the time.

Clean Thoroughly: Now, it’s the time to do the main cleaning. At first, take the 0-degree nozzle and start spraying on the dirt in all the corners parts. Slowly move your spray gun from left to right and vice versa. Clean the lines between the tiles where the stains stick hard. Keep your spray gun around 15 inches away from the surface.

After cleaning the corners, take the 15-degree nozzle. Spray water on the surface in the same way as you did with the 0-degree nozzle. At this time you have to spray water on the entire place starting from one side and ending to the other. Take your time and spray properly until the stain is not totally cleared off. Hold your spray gun tightly so that it doesn’t slip from hand. You must remember to stay away from all kinds of injury.

Replace your Furniture: It’s time to place all the stuff that you have removed from their places. But before that you might want to let your garage dry a bit so that the place becomes healthy.

Precaution: A pressure washer is a dangerous machine that might harm you anytime. Since you are going to use the two most powerful nozzles you should be careful. Wear all the necessary personal protective equipment such as boot, gloves, goggle, ear protective, trouser, etc. Keep your children away from the working space and stop them from playing with the machine. After you finish your job keep the machine in a safe place.

It might come in your mind which detergent should you use to clean your garage. There are plenty in the market but, you should choose the one that is effective for oil and grease cleaning. Your garage is a place where you keep all the sticky and oily stuff. Plenty of dust comes with your car. Your machine should be powerful enough to clean all these filth. Keep your surrounding clean and stay healthy.