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How to Clean Hardwood Floors

It can be intimidating to clean delicate flooring such as hardwood. The process gets worse if you are not aware of the type of finish ideal for it. To make the process more efficient without compromising the coating’s quality, you should learn expert tips.

Having a beautiful flooring takes persistence and patience. Unlike ceramic tiles, hardwood flooring can be more complicated to handle.

In case you have managed the complicated and intricate process of outdoor flooring, you would likely survive proper hardwood care as well. To begin your means of cleaning hardwood efficiently, follow these critical tips:

Always Begin With the Basic Care

Standard cleaning for your hardwood floor is highly necessary. Apart from mopping to remove pet hair, dust, and dirt, you may consider looking for the best vacuum for trouble areas.

Basic maintenance is one way to ensure that buildup of dirt, grime, or grease will not take place. Otherwise, you will have a more serious issue to address when debris turns into hard stains.

Maintain a Yearly Waxing Regime

You do not have to wax your flooring as frequently as every week. Despite the waxing pros and cons, the process is overall very easy. You simply need to apply a commercial solution, and you can attain a glossy finish right away. Apparently, wax finishes will never go wrong when it comes to aesthetics. Even alternatives based on oil cannot mimic its refinement.

There are limitations to waxing hardwood flooring. If the wood’s surface has polyurethane, shellac, or varnish finish, you should not consider this tip. If you still pursue waxing, the floor will be very slippery. Waxes may also interfere with the formulation of coating on the floor. Peeling may even take place, taking the life off the flooring’s exterior.

Keep Too Much Water on Flooring

Mopping the hardwood floor does not imply that you have to fill it with water. You only need to dampen the cleaning tool to remove its dirt. It is a homeowner’s nightmare to let water seep into the hardwood in large amounts. Hardwood can be sensitive even to moisture. It will either shrink or expand depending on its moisture level.

Never Use Vinegar

You will still find other sources suggesting the use of water and vinegar mixture to clean a hardwood floor. However, this solution is never useful, especially if your flooring has a polyurethane coating.

Results can be harmful – this can lead to dulling and etching of your hardwood. No matter how useful vinegar is in cleaning almost every furnishing at home, there are spots to avoid when applying the solution.

Dust Properly

The root cleanings of your floor should be done carefully in a way that you will not use too much complication with the process. For instance, instead of mopping, you can utilize electrostatic cloths. This type of fabric can accommodate your needs to dust regularly.

Choose the Right Cleaner

The selection of cleaner may be intricate, but can be done wisely based on your purpose. If you want to dissolve dirt and grime, use water-based cleaners that are alkaline. In case you have to eliminate mineral deposits, a water-based cleaner with little amounts of acidity will be useful.

Try the Magic of Diapers

Dusting is a highly important part of taking care of your hardwood. If you need a unique and tested way of buffing your flooring, try cloth diapers. This type of cleaner is unconventional, but it is known to be highly absorbent and soft.

Always Use Doormats

When your guests enter your house, you should provide them reasons to remove moisture and dirt from their shoes first. Having a doormat will provide your guests a signal in doing this. Keeping dirt from your hardwood will be much easier.

Prepare a DIY Floor Shine Solution

You can simply create a mixture of boiling water and two teabags to maintain the gloss of your hardwood floor. Tea contains tannic acid that leaves a shine on the wood.

Spread Rug Across Your House

If you can use rugs or carpets to keep your hardwood floor from damage for long, you should do so. Rugs will avoid premature wear of the wood. Nonetheless, always select rugs without rubber or vinyl backing.

Follow the tips provided above, and you can sustain the beauty of your hardwood flooring. It takes minimal effort, which is why you should not neglect caring for your sensitive flooring. To learn more about hardwood floor care, be aware of the critical tips in attending to its damages.


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