How to care for the carpets in your home. Keeping your carpets clean the right way

Carpeting comes with plenty of benefits. It’s more comfortable for the feet than hardwood flooring. It serves as a layer of insulation. And it comes in so many colors and styles that it can complement any room’s aesthetic. Despite all these benefits, this flooring option also requires a bit of upkeep. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your carpet looking great when you keep the following tips in mind.

Ditch the Shoes

One of the best ways to keep your carpet clean is to simply minimize its exposure to dirt. Keep a shoe rack or mats near your home’s entryway. Politely ask guests to remove and store their footwear here, rather than track dirt and mud onto the carpet. If you use mats, remember to wash them regularly, or else they’ll simply accumulate dirt.

Move Furniture

The longer furniture sits on the carpet, the more the carpet’s fibers are crushed. Take some of the pressure off the weight-bearing sections of carpet by moving your furniture around. Consider moving couches, tables, TV stands, stationary chairs, desks, and anything else that might damage the carpet. This is also a way to give your room a small makeover.

If you don’t want to rearrange your furniture on a regular basis, rely on furniture coasters to prevent noticeable indentations in your carpeting.

Vacuum Regularly

Whether or not you follow the aforementioned tip about using a shoe rack, you’ll want to make a habit of vacuuming around the house. While hardwood floor only needs to be vacuumed once a week, carpet requires more care. Those fibers can hold lots of dirt and dander, so run a vacuum over your carpets at least twice a week. Spend a little extra time caring for high-traffic areas.

When cleaning, always vacuum in multiple directions. First guide the cleaner against the pile, and then go in the direction of the pile.

Blot to Clean Dirty Spots

Accidents happen, especially when you have kids. So it’s important to know how to clean a stain from your carpeting. People often make the mistake of trying to rub spills dry. This only pushes the liquid further into the fibers, and it mats them down as well. Instead, blot the area with a towel. You can use soapy water if necessary. Mix hand or dish soap into water, and then apply it to the stain. Remember to clean up the residue by blotting the area again with a wet towel.

Another common mistake is leaving the stained section of carpet untreated for extended amount of time. The longer you leave the spill in place, the more it’ll settle into the carpet. This is especially true when it comes to hot drinks like coffee.

Hire a Pro

Unfortunately, not every carpet stain can be handled simply with a towel and soapy water. Large and stubborn spills will likely require you to call in the help of professional carpet cleaners.

People often associate carpet cleaners with inconvenient drying times, but no res carpet cleaning systems like All-Star Cleanpro eliminate that issue. Despite being a low moisture process, this system is still effective at cleaning up everything from carpet stains to embedded pet dander. This is also an eco carpet cleaning option that’s biodegradable, and it won’t have a negative impact on your indoor air quality. 

Generally, you should aim to have a professional clean your carpet about once a year.

Protect Against Sunlight

Overexposure to sunlight isn’t just bad for your skin – it can fade dyed fibers on your furniture and carpeting as well. When you leave home, be sure to close your drapes and blinds to prevent UV-rays from discoloring sections of your carpet. You can also opt to put UV-blocking film on your windows to minimize the damage.

Make Carpet Care a Priority

If you properly care for your carpet, it’ll last for years and retain its color and plushness. On the other hand, a neglected carpet will not only be an eyesore, but also a health hazard for people who are sensitive to dust and dander. Start applying these steps to your regular home cleaning regimen today