Keep Hardwood Flooring Durable for Years with The Right Maintenance

Are you confused which material to select as the flooring of your house? There are variety of materials available in the market that can be applied to the floors of your house. Out of the available options, hardwood flooring is the most beautiful one, and it adds richness to the look of the house effortlessly.

Hardwood flooring is mostly used in restaurants and bars as it increases the aesthetic value of that area. If you already have hardwood flooring, then you must be aware that it is a perfect combination of beauty and strength, but you should not forget that it requires a share of maintenance too.

Hardwood floors attracts a lot of dust and dirt and can become dull after a few years if proper care isn’t taken. Dirt on the floor can easily cause scratches on the floor, that’s why it is required to keep the floor clean along with following a regular maintenance procedure.

Mopping of hardwood Flooring: 

Before you mop the hardwood floors, you should check whether the floor is sealed or not. The cleaning of the floor should be done according to the type of finishing of the floor and not according to the type of wood used on it. To check whether the flooring is sealed or not rub your finger on the surface. if you find it smooth, it is sealed otherwise not. The hardwood flooring is usually sealed with the products like lacquer, shellac, wax treatment, oil finish, etc.

If your flooring is sealed with urethane, then the floor is water resistant and stain resistant too. Such type of floors are easy to clean and mop.

If oil is used to treat the floor, then you have to mop it a little harder. The oil makes the floor hard because of the oil soaked in the wood. You should clean such type of floor with liquid or paste form of wax.

Keeping the floor Dirt free

To prevent Hardwood flooring from dust and dirt, you should prevent it entering the house. Keep mats at the entrance of the home. Try to avoid usage of adhesively coated bottom door mats. Use micro-fiber duster to remove dust from the floor as the soft bristles avoids the formation of the scratches on the floor.

Here are a few guidelines which will be helpful in keeping the hardwood floors dust free for many years to come and will also keep the look and shine intact.

  • Wipe the water spilled on the floor and to clean the floors use specially designed hardwood flooring cleaners. Do not clean the floor with water as it can lead to swelling of the floor. Check with floor installer regarding the product to be used for the cleaning if you have any doubt.
  • Use a Vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the floor at least once in a week. Select the soft brush attachment while using vacuum otherwise it may lead to scratches on the floor.
  • Do not drag any heavy item on the floor as it can lead to scratches and polish damage too. Use shades and curtains in the house to avoid sunlight entering the house and damaging the floor.
  • Use leg protectors or carpets under the furniture in the house.
  • Avoid direct sunlight hitting the floor as it can damage the look of the floor rapidly.

To keep the floor durable for several years, regular maintenance is required otherwise hardwood floors will lose its beauty and will appear dull after a certain period. So to avoid issues with the floor, maintain and clean on a regular basis.

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