How to Keep You House Clean With Pets

No matter how much mess they make, how much the shed or accidentally (or even on purpose, yes) poop on your carpet, you still love them endlessly and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the word. But is there a way to make things a bit easier for your, to soften that “tough” love?

Of course, you can always circumnavigate the responsibility, hire a house maid, leave it all to her and enjoy the love of your pet. But more often than not, you can’t leave it all to someone else, a maid can’t always be there, so here are a few tips to help make your life with your beloved pets a bit easier cleaning wise.

Help Your Pets Stay Clean

It’s not their favorite thing, but a regular bath will really help keep your pet clean, and thus your house as well. The major problem is they keep rubbing against furniture and doors, thus making things look shabby before time. A clean house is important, but not more important than their happiness.

Also, if your pet goes out, make sure to wipe those tiny paws once they’re back in the house. You can even try to teach them to wipe their own “feet” before they get in. They can do it on the door mat, or even better, get them and old towel for that.

Of course, the major problem and the source of problems is fur. It won’t go away, you’ll still have to clean and vacuum, but brushing your pet regularly, preferably outside, of course, can minimize the amount of hair they leave in your house. This will help you keep things under control as much as possible.

Get Adequate Cleaning Tools

Of course, the standard cleaning tools and chemical will always do, as professional maids like to point out. But if you really have problems with cleaning caused by your animal friends, you should make consider some of the tools designed specifically for dealing with the mess caused by your pets. There are really some great, life-saving inventions. For example, if pet hair is your major problem, you can try brooms and brushes designed specifically for cleaning shed fur. Also, there are self-cleaning litter boxes available now, so if this is your biggest concern and obligation, you should consider getting one.

However, I’m afraid there’s no real alternative to regular vacuuming, sorry. It’s still the best way to remove the majority of the accumulated hair, but why not get some additional help.

Also, if you’re dealing with unpleasant pet smells, make sure you ventilate the rooms regularly and get some kind of air fresheners and scented candles. What’s more, baking soda does wonders when it comes to removing the stench, so you can use it in and around litter boxes, as well as on soft furniture.

If you have a bird at home, the floor will need a thorough clean up each day to remove bird-droppings and other mess from the cage. You can create organic cleaners at home or use simple ingredients from the kitchen to clean the cage; it is also important to invest in a roomy, easy-to-clean cage which would save up the effort.

Be Ready For Anything

You know how unpredictable pets are, and I’m sure you’ve been given a lot of surprises so far. So the sooner you accept the way it is, the better. Try to minimize the futile drama, and maximize your efficiency in cleaning the sudden mess.

So first of all, have the right attitude, no big deal, let’s get rid of this as soon as possible. Then, always have paper towels at hand, as well as plastic bags. Also, an old towel always comes in handy in case of spilling something. A universal cleaning solution is also a good idea, so have one for such emergency cases. Now all you need to do is keep your calm and remember how much you love that little troublemaker.