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Save Hundreds By Cleaning Your Tile and Grout Rather Than Replacing

Modern tile flooring manufacturing methods have made every type of floor a reality. You can outfit your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor living area with the stylish look of marble, stone, and other textures that add legitimate value and allure to your home. Of course, these types of tile flooring only increase your home’s value when they are in appropriate condition. The bad thing about the flooring in your kitchen and bathroom is that they are such high wear areas. It seems like these spots could use tile and grout cleaning on almost a weekly basis.

This is what brings up a great point. Some homeowners think that the only way to restore value to their tile and recoup their ROI is by replacement. In actuality, replacing worn grout is a huge waste of resources. You can achieve that first-day luster – and save yourself hundreds of dollars – when you simply perform tile and grout cleaning.

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Why Clean Tile and Grout?

First and foremost the reason you’re probably looking into cleaning up the tile and grout in your home is because of appearance. Tiles are exposed to moisture and humidity on a regular basis which can cause some discoloring and hazing. They’re not lost causes however, they just need a little professional TLC.

Despite their smooth surface, tiles can also stain – sometimes shockingly easily. If you’ve got men in your home with bad, ahem, aim – you know what we’re talking about. In this case these stains are not only unsightly, but have a very definitive stench to them as well.

Dirty tiles not only look and smell bad, they can also have mold growing in them too which brings with it a whole new set of problems. The thing about mold is that it likes to party – and bring its spore buddies with. These mold spores expand and grow eventually causing damage to the floor as well as the walls, ceiling, countertop, etc. When you’ve got mold growing, your breathing problems increase and your sinuses become irritated.

Finally, when your tiles are full of grime and slime, they become even slipperier than they were prior. Add some water onto this grit and you’ve got a legitimate hazard area on-site.

The Cost Benefits of Cleaning Compared to Replacing

There’s no doubt that installing new tile flooring is one of the best investments you can make for both style and durability purposes. That being said, it’s only a good investment when it has to be done. When you’re replacing your floor every 5 years instead of 20, you lose all that equity that has been built up.

Tile and grout cleaning compared to replacement is a financially sound decision not only because it restores your floor to its original luster, but also because it helps to increase its lifespan. Tile and grout cleaning is kind of like putting a coat of wax on your car – it gives it shine but also a protective barrier.

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One reason to consider a professional service to perform the tile and grout cleaning is because the process itself can actually ruin your floor. Some types of harsh household chemicals can actually eat away at the tile surface. When these chemicals react with the different tile materials they can also cause discoloration and staining – the type that doesn’t come out.

Another reason that grout and tile cleaning is not a DIY job is because it requires a considerable amount of elbow grease. Professionals have the tools to perform this job in a pristine manner – but they also have the knowledge. If a homeowner is not careful they can chip or crack the tiles and, more commonly, dislodge and break apart the grout.

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A Few Other Reasons Why to Not Try the Process Yourself

If you think that hiring a grout cleaning service is an unnecessary expense of overhead, wait until you get the quote from the tile installation and repair company. The risk of damage physically and chemically is just too much to put on the line when professional cleaners can come in and do the job efficiently and superbly.

Another reason that hiring a professional tile cleaner is because it’s simply hard work. The larger your rooms and the smaller your tiles the more this becomes an excruciating DIY project. Think about it, if you want a thoroughly clean and restored floor you’re going to have to get on your hands and knees and put some minute detail into the process. Homemade cleaning concoctions contain either vinegar or bleach which can make your house reek for days.

Finally one of the best reasons to avoid this type of job yourself is because you want it done thoroughly. If you get bored with the detailed process of cleaning the tile, you might be inclined to give it a half-baked effort near the end. This is either going to 1) make your floor appear shiny in some spots and dull in the others or 2) allow the mold remnants to continue to grow. When you’re paying a pro, their reputation is on the line and they know that your satisfaction leads to maintaining their business.

Remember, Tile and Grout Cleaning Isn’t Just for Floors

Although this is a flooring website, remember that the importance of cleaning tile and grout isn’t just for the surfaces that you walk on. Showers are very exposed to the conditions that cause grime buildup. Tile kitchen countertops are also the last place you want staining, debris buildup, and mold growth.

If you are going to tackle the project yourself, make sure to check with all manufacturer’s warnings before using any cleaning solutions. If possible, start off in a small secluded area that can be covered easily just in case a reaction does occur. Your best bet however, is to always call the pro.

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